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Event/Contest No1 Model of the World is organized by N J Models and No1 World Models agencies and we coorporate with many world fashion agencies. Company N J Models is originally founded in 1997 in Canada is an Canadian-German Company which has an international show business and fashion experience in organization and management across Europe and the worldwide. The first No1 Model of the World contest was held from 6.11.2014 until 9.11. 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Company No1 World Models has been founded in 2014.


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Country managers

How to apply to be national manager
Each country worldwide can only have one licensed representative and Country Manager / Company or country Agent who can hold the license for one country and Country Manager is responsible for choosing the right Model-representative of the country in the competition or through a country internal selection.
A Country model representative for the No1 Model of the World must meet certain propositions, such as:  173 cm minimum height and should be between 17 and 25 years.
If you have enough experiences in the fashion world, and would like to participate in a fashion show election No1 Model of the World, we look forward to have successful business cooperation with you.

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