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Female Models in Agency No1 World Models

Posted on 16.12.2014 by No1   |   ........Agency models

Alena, 176cm 83-59-87 Anna, 183cm 89-60-90 Ana K, 178cm 89-60-90

Arina, 180cm 90-66-91 Ilena, 179cm 90-62-94 Ivana K, 177cm 87-59-90

Joanna, 175cm 86-59-89 Lenka J, 175cm 88-62-90 Lina D, 183cm 89-65-94

Melisse L, 179cm 86-62-89 Monika, 179cm 85-59-88 Monika B, 176cm, 90-61-93

Patrycja, 171cm 85-62-92 Renata, 177cm 80-58-87 Sahar, 175cm 80-61-90

Yanita, 178cm 88-62-88 Valeria, 171cm 90-60-90  


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Country managers

How to apply to be national manager
Each country worldwide can only have one licensed representative and Country Manager / Company or country Agent who can hold the license for one country and Country Manager is responsible for choosing the right Model-representative of the country in the competition or through a country internal selection.
A Country model representative for the No1 Model of the World must meet certain propositions, such as:  173 cm minimum height and should be between 17 and 25 years.
If you have enough experiences in the fashion world, and would like to participate in a fashion show election No1 Model of the World, we look forward to have successful business cooperation with you.

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